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IPv6 Subnet Calculator

I wrote a tool to organize subnet addressing for IPv6 Demo | Source Code A little about IPv6 An IPv6 address is 128-bits and commonly represented as eight colon separated groups with each group consisting of four hexadecimal digits. For the general unicast address format, the first 64-bits are used for routing and the second 64-bits are the interface identifier […]

How to make Chrome use Deluge for magnet links in Fedora

Sep 2014 update: This was written for Fedora 17. Apparently the desktop file has been renamed to deluge.desktop (the sane choice). The three things you need to know: 1) Unlike Firefox, Chrome uses xdg-open to choose the default program to open a file. 2) You can set the default application for each type by using […]

How to install Compiz on Fedora 17 XFCE Spin

Let’s just be clear, this is not for the faint of heart. Why isn’t Compiz in the Fedora 17 repos? Compiz is a replacement window manager for the GNOME window manager called Metacity. When GNOME 3 came out last year, they replaced Metacity with Mutter. Apparently there are library incompatibilities that prevent Compiz from replacing Mutter. I […]

iPad and iPhone Web Frameworks

Sencha Touch This is the gold standard of iPad web frameworks. It’s amazing (and free!), check out the kitchen sink demo. Project Page

Draughts, my first android game

Made with Unity3D, coded in C#  

How to free up space in rootfs on Arch Linux

Is your rootfs partition at 100% and causing you problems? I’ve been hovering around 95%-100% for a few weeks now. Being at 95% is fine, but 100% can cause all kinds of problems. I was testing a form on my local web server and couldn’t do file uploads because “the disk was full.” I was […]

Code Review

Where I work, we have a lot of new developers and people still learning the languages. When learning a language, being able to get feedback on your code is an invaluable learning asset. It lets the more experienced programmers help teach the newer ones. Most code review software is designed for pre-commit comments. A reviewer looks at the code […]

How do you measure productivity?

How do you measure your productivity while writing code? Judging a program’s success by lines of code (LOC) is like judging how successful an airplane is by its weight. Consider a more modern approach from Agile development called Weighted Micro Function Points.

Permalinks for Hierarchical Custom Post Types

June 2013 update: This plugin is not actively developed. If you want to use this plugin with the latest version of WordPress, you should reference the source code on github and hopefully that will help you develop your own solution. I’m also open to pull requests. End of update I wrote a WordPress plugin that […]

Setting up a LAMP for local development on Arch Linux

Just installed Arch Linux (after leaving Ubuntu due to Unity/GNOME 3). Now I need to setup my development environment. This should work for most distros, not just Arch. I want Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and SSL. Because its easy and I’m lazy, we’re going to setting up XAMPP. As always, first reference the wiki (Xampp […]

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