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I used to work as a developer for Syracuse University. Around 2010, we wanted to provide students and faculty with their own web sites, so I built a system which allowed even an inexperienced user to deploy their own WordPress site. The latest version is built on the CodeIgniter framework and the servers run a custom version of PHP with patches I’ve personally added to the source code. After a couple years, and me writing thousands of lines of code, this project has grown delightfully large. There are about half a dozen servers running Apache to host the Expressions web app. There are load balancers, multiple MySQL database servers, and all the authentication for the WordPress instances is tied together though a CAS server (single sign on solution which hooks into the university’s LDAP system) via a plugin I wrote.

Thousands of individuals (students and faculty) are running their personal blogs and websites on Expressions. There is also a pro version of Expressions where we host more visible websites such as,, and many more.

You can visit Expressions here and browse some of the existing sites we host. If you’re a member of SU, feel free to sign up and make your own!

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