Tsunami Simulation in MATLAB


In this project, the author simulates waves using MATLAB and the shallow water equations (SWEs) in a variety of environments, from droplets in a bathtub to tsunamis in the Pacific. These results are then plotted in 3d using both rectangular and spherical coordinates.


ShallowWaterEquations (PDF)

8 Comments on “Tsunami Simulation in MATLAB

  1. i’m studying geophysics and i’d like to have this code.

    • All the code is in the appendix of the PDF Report in the post

  2. Sir i would like to know the boundary conditions clearly for my project of simulation of shallow water equations.

  3. Sir can i solve tsunami wave equation with optimal time stepping method? I would like to simulate the solution in MATLAB but dont have any ide for the algorithm. Can u help me please?

  4. Hello every body
    I need some help please
    could anyone help me by sending to me some matlab codes of 3D plots ellpsoidal and spehroidal shapes

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