Colin Robinson


I love working on projects. I’m always working on something new in my free time. I have too many ideas for the hours in the day! Here are just some of the projects I’ve completed professionally and academically.


Design, Optimization, Fabrication, and Measurement of an Edge Coupled Filter

Tags: HFSS, Designer, Bandpass, Microstrip, Microwave Engineering

Synthesis and Analysis of Microstrip and Stripline Transmission Lines

Tags: HFSS, Designer, MATLAB, Microstrip, Stripline, Microwave Engineering

EEG Controlled Robot (Think Tank)

Tags: EEG, Arduino, Acoustic Data Transmission, Electrical Engineering

Web Development


Tags: CodeIgniter, CAS, WordPress, PHP

IPv6 Subnet Calculator

Tags: PHP, IPv6

Course Scheduler (coming soon)

Tags: Java, SpringSource, Grails, REST

Imagining America (coming soon)

Tags: Google Maps, WordPress, PHP, jQuery

Orange TV (coming soon)

Tags: HTML5 video, WordPress, PHP, jQuery


Tsunami Simulation

Tags: Shallow Water Equations, MATLAB